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Selling a pop-up camper requires a specific cost of clean awake also repair before putting it on the industry. A dirty exterior and interior, or obvious fixs can change off potential consumers. How and where you market the camper and the selling value furthermore component in how fast the camper will market. Pricing the camper out of hers fair market worth range, or even pricing it as well low to the stage buyers think something is wrong with it, can be the difference among a brief or lengthy selling process.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Camper blue book RV trader With sale signs

1 Fix any repairs inside or outside the pop-up camper. Tighten loose door knobs or take care of and replace torn curtains or carpet. Examine the situation of the tires, any appliances, the plumbing and repair or replace if you cannot fix the items. Clean the inside also outside of the camper. Whenever selling, you desire to generate a good first impression.

3 Place ads with your local documents or online at sites such like web site. Place some note and picture on the bulletin board in perform for your camper. Even if your co-workers are not interested, they may understand family also friends who are. Tell your family and friends regarding the camper also tell them to spread the word.

4 Add all relevant information to the ad including the year of the camper plus if it includes appliances, generator, heating or air conditioning, a water tank plus how big it is, and if the camper yous a one or dual axle.


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