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Some Macrovision remover decodes the indicate so that is it may be recorded.

Macrovision is any security feature placed on VHS tapes to prevent unauthorized duplication plus piracy, so DVD recorders will not record any DVD out of a source found to be protected by Macrovision. If you would prefer to document any VHS protected with Macrovision, you should decode the Macrovision using a Macrovision remover. You should never remove Macrovision or copy material that you make not own, as doing so is illegal.


things you'll need:

VCR DVD recorder Macrovision remover 2 RCA audio cables 2 RCA video cables 2 S-Video cables Blank DVD

1 Plug one end about the RCA audio wires into the red and bright RCA audio-yield jacks on the rear about the VCR. Plug the additional end to the audio input about the Macrovision remover. If the Macrovision remover does not get exclusive audio input, plug the additional conclusion inside the RCA audio input on the rear about the DVD recorder.

2 Plug the RCA or S-Video cable into the video output on the rear of the VCR. Plug the additional end of the RCA or S-Video wire into the movie-input jack on the Macrovision remover.

4 Plug one closure of the RCA or S-Video cable into the output regarding the Macrovision remover, later plug the other end into the RCA or S-Video input on the rear of the DVD recorder.

5 Put in a blank DVD into the DVD recorder.

6 Press "Document" on the DVD recorder, consequently press "Play" on the VCR to convert the insured VHS tape to DVD.


Region Code Free of charge DVD: Basic Connections Dimax: Grex FAQ

Photo Credit: vhs image in Jovan Nikolic away from website ;

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