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California drivers convicted of drinking and driving offenses are required to attend specific classes as part regarding their sentences. These DUI classes are designed to educate persons on the risks of drinking and driving as effectively as recognizing that is they may have a capability addiction problem. The idea is to reduce the number of DUI offenses through schooling. These classes are run by licensed DUI instructors. The process to become a DUI instructor in California involves extensive education, in-depth training, a competency examination plus over 2,000 hours of documented function knowledge.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Visit the California Department regarding Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) website for any list of Nationwide Commission to Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited organizations. Visit the website about each of the 10 accredited plans to notice which one has offices in your area plus apply to their program.

3 Complete the training wants with AOD counselor authentication set forth by your chosen NCCA accredited organization. These conditions differ a little for each program. Regardless, the ADP minimum necessity for AOD counselors are: 155 hours of knowledge, 160 hours of supervised AOD training, 2,080 hours of work encounter providing counseling services, any score about 70 percent or better on some written or oral exam based on "The Understanding, Skills also Attitudes regarding Professional Exercise (TAP 21)" guidelines, a signed report affirming that you have by no means had one AOD certification revoked and a signed document agreeing to abide by the AOD code of execute.

4 Request an application with examination to Certified Alcohol and Other Medicine Counselor (CAODC) form from your certification plan or contact the ADP at (916) 324-2470 to have just one sent to your home address. Mail the finished form, registration fee and passport sized photo to the address printed on the type. The registration fee varies depending on the certification plan, though costs all over $150 on typical since of January 2011. Some authentication programs process the types internally and others require applicants to post the form directly to the ADP.

5 Register with one exam once the application has been processed and accepted. The exam carries any additional fee about up to $150 as of January 2011. Meet the examination for a score of 70 percent or better to obtain your state license. The license is mailed to the address provided after the exam has been scored, which usually acquires between 1 and 2 weeks. dui Lawyer.

Tips & Cautions

Counselors must renew their license every 2 years by paying the renewal charge and providing proof of in least 40 hours about continuing education. The renewal fee is $75 as of January 2011.

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