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Some felony DUI cost is heavy enterprise. If you boast a prior record of DUIs on your license, it is not unusual with you to automatically be charged with some felony DUI. This charge frequently carries jail spare time if you may't get the cost dropped to a misdemeanor.

Difficulty: Moderate

Instructions. dui Lawyer.

1 Call one attorney who specializes inside DUI cases inside your state. Even if you don't hire the attorney, ask him if it's possible to get your specific charge dropped to a misdemeanor. Try to find a clue from him the way in which he would approach that work in the jurisdiction of your cost.

2 Sit down down with the prosecutor within your case and ask if it may be reduced to a misdemeanor count. Many times you will discover a compassionate prosecutor who will listen to what you have to say and reduce the cost instantly without having to make anything otherwise. You simply then appear within courtroom and listen to the prosecutor notify the judge that he would enjoy to reduce the charge.

3 Inspect your ticket for mistakes. Make sure the dates and addresses are all listed correctly on your DUI ticket. If you can find an mistake with the charge, many times some prosecutor will reduce the ticket down to some misdemeanor if you just continue on with the situation.

5 Tell the judge on the day about court that you would like to have the felony count dropped to some misdemeanor from exchange for a larger misdemeanor sentence. Inform him you would enjoy to keep away from having a transgression on your record. The judge might merely go along with your request.

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