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Making wine glass charms remains a way to craft gifts for your pals plus family . It also affords a unique way to identify your drink and make a specific sense with your guests. Wine goblet charms may be whereas simple or sophisticated because you want. Read on to find how to produce wine glass charms.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Memory wire or thin gauge wire Charm Leap ring Beads Pliers

1 Gather together all of your crafting supplies, including the charms you desire to use. These can be purchased, made from polymer clay or fashioned out of exclusive items, these kinds of as antique jewelery or feathers.

3 Thread your charm onto the wire using the jump ring to location the charm on the wire. This can be threaded on initial, last or in the middle about wire. The placement of your charm remains any particular preference.

4 Place decorative beads on the cable in either random or repeating patterns until your wire yous close to filled with beads.

5 Utilize the pliers to create a small 90 degree perspective at each end of the wire. You'll utilize these to hook the wire together around the stem of the wineglass.

Tips & Warnings

Remove the charms from the wine glasses previous to washing. Customize charms to each occasion such as a wedding shower by way of selecting or crafting charms these kinds of since wedding bells or wedding rings.

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