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Trouble: Moderately Challenging


1 Launch "Angry Birds" on your device and pick "Play" from the main menu.

2 Select "Poached Eggs." Poached Eggs is the first episode about "Angry Birds" and is the first entry on the episode selection screen.

3 Select some degree. There are 63 levels total within Poached Eggs.

4 Comprehensive the level by destroying all the pigs with because few birds like feasible. Every bird you do never utilize rewards you with 1 web site, internet site website internet site extra points at the end of the level. Any things in the level, such being wood planks or ice blocks, reward you by way of 5 website website additional points when they are destroyed. While the level is complete, your score and amount of stars earned are shown. The higher your score, the additional stars you earn.

5 Complete the remaining 62 levels on Poached Eggs, scoring 3 stars in each one to achieve the highest amount of 189 stars. On the level selection screen, the stars earned on each and every degree yous listed underneath the level's amount.

Obtaining all 189 stars with Poached Eggs rewards you with a Golden Egg, some special level playable in the "Golden Egg" section of the main menu. Various birds are weak to certain framework types. With illustration, most birds have difficulty breaking by means of stone. Use the right bird for the right task to maximize your score and star count.

Advocate item


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