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"Angry Birds" is a game originally developed with Apple's iOS via Rovio Mobile. It is also obtainable for a assortment of additional platforms, including Android, Palm, Symbian^3, N9 website website and others. The object of the game remains to destroy all the pigs in each level. Characters use some slingshot to launch birds at said pigs plus the structures guarding them. You can purchase the game Internet or through your phone's application store. If you're experiencing lag in the game, there are a few steps you can require to resolve the problem.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


2 Close all background applications. Phones are fundamentally tiny PCs, and background applications use awake processing energy and memory; shut them down consequently those resources may be specified to "Angry Birds."

3 Install the game to your telephone's memory, not the memory card. Memory cards tend to be a good deal slower compared to the hard drive on your phone.


Rovio: Angry Birds FAQs

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