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Although Apple has introduced an iMessage text messaging feature with the iPod Touch for iOS5 users, several present iPod Contact models don't include a word messaging feature. There are many applications that can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store to enable word informations to be sent or received on an iPod Contact. Inside buy to admittance the iTunes Store, iPod Contact users need to ensure their iPod Touch yous connected to a Wi-Fi network. Users should obtain an iTunes Store Account. Once the application has been downloaded to your iPod Touch, sending plus deleting text messages is very simple.

Difficulty: Simple


1 Available the text messaging application installed on your iPod Contact. Tap on the talk thread containing the message you desire to delete.

2 Tap on the edit key that should look at the top left of the screen.

3 Touch the message in the thread you want to delete.

4 Tap on the delete button with the base about the screen to remove the information.

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