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Replace your front door knob in less than an hour.

There is no require to hire a locksmith to replace a front door lockset. If you can handle any screwdriver, you may manage the job yourself in less other than one hour. Getting the right size replacement is important. You can dismantle the system and take the parts to the hardware store for comparison, or measure the thickness of the door and the distance out of the center of the doorknob to the edge regarding the door. These measurements will allow the hardware aide to pick the accurate replacement lockset.

Trouble: Effortless


Things You'll Need

1 Remove the two long screws in the round plate between the inside doorknob and the door in turning the screws counterclockwise with a Phillips screwdriver. These screws are lengthy enough to hold the two splits regarding the doorknob mechanism together. Slide the within doorknob from the square shaft.

2 Pull the top doorknob from the door. The long square connecting shaft will slide out of some matching square hole in the latch system, which yous fitted via the edge of the door.

3 Unscrew the two screws on the square latch plate mounted on the edge about the door. Slide the latch system away from the door.

4 Insert the new latch mechanism into the edge about the door, along with the quarter round portion of the latch-bolt facing inwards. Settle the new latch plate into the square recess in the edge about the door. Secure the plate with double new screws supplied by way of the lockset package using a Phillips screwdriver.

5 Thread the square shaft attached to the front half of the doorknob through the matching hole inside the latch sliding mechanism. Maintain a helper hold the doorknob with the round doorknob trim plate flush against the surface of the door.

6 Align the square hole on the inside doorknob onto the square activating shaft, nonetheless don't force it onto the shaft all the way. Leaving a gap will permit you to see inside the hole. Insert the new extended machine screws by means of the holes with the round internal doorknob mounting plate.

7 Maneuver the finishs regarding the screws onto the threaded holes on the conclusions about the protruding doorknob casting. Turn the screws by hand to make sure you don't cross thread them. Once the threads are started, tighten it securely with the Philips screwdriver.

8 Close the front door with your helper inside the house. Insert the new key and lock the door. Produce sure the handle doesn't turn and that the lock is secure. Have your helper unlock the door from the inside via twisting the thumb-change mounted from the center of the interior doorknob counterclockwise. Open and close the door. Lock also unlock it in the key. Ask your helper to lock the door from the inside by twisting the thumb-turn clockwise. Try opening the door. If it's locked, your position is completed.


Photograph Credit door knob image by Michael Shake out of website ;

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