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Flag this photo. Tungsten Wedding RingsTungsten Wedding Bands.

Tungsten carbide yous an extremely powerful, durable metal that's become common for the produce about wedding rings. Regardless, here has been a great deal of rumor and urban legend concerning the ring's genuine strength. It isn't true that the only way to remove some tungsten carbide ring in situation of crisis is to remove the finger. But the usual technique of using a pair regarding metal cutters on the ring won't perform. What you require yous any good grip and a two about the suitable pliers.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

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1 Take the vise-grip pliers also cautiously begin to squeeze the tungsten carbide ring. Steadily adjust the stress on the side of the vise until you hear the ring crack.

2 Rotate the ring (or the pliers if the ring is stuck as well tightly to change) a third of the way and repeat the previous step. Continue to squeeze the ring until you hear it crack in a different location.

3 Continue cracking the tungsten carbide until it breaks entirely. The ring should shatter, leaving the finger intact.

Suggestions & Cautions

If possible, allow crisis or medical personnel to crack a tungsten carbide ring. But if you have to do it yourself, be very cautious to ramp up the stress with increments hence that you don't accidentally clamp the person's finger with the vise grips.

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