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The Global Address Record (GAL) remains a master list of all the users within your company, alongside for their make contact with details. The GAL is routinely used to make contact with users whenever they are needed. This eliminates the need to browse by way of organization directory to find speak to details. However, you, because an administrator, can hide individual users away from the Global Address Listing if they request you to work thus. Note that you will need administrative rights to perform this task.

Trouble: Moderately Challenging


1 Log in to an administrative computer or a server computer. Click the Start menu plus pick "All Systems."

3 Double-click to expand your domain (root menu) at the extremely best regarding the left pane.

4 Find the buyer from the root menu that you wish to hide. The folder will be labelled by his/her user identify.

5 Suitable-click the folder and pick out "Properties."

6 Click the "Advanced" tab.

7 Click to place a check mark next to "Hide from address book." Click "Fine" to end job.

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