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Traditionally, the iPhone, working the running system component Baseband vesion 5.12.01 with the version 6.04 Bootloader, is shipped with the main operating software locked to one of Apple's contracted service providers. Even after jailbreaking your iPhone device to make it compatible through unapproved 3rd-celebration software, it will still remained lock to a provider till it is unlocked with any hacker-community application. Fortunately, there is a free hacker-group application that will unlock your iPhone called ZiPhone; in any case of what Baseband and/or Bootloader it yous functioning.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


1 Navigate to the ZiPhone website and download the application. Conserve it to your desktop.

2 Plug the sync wire into the "Sync" port on your iPhone; then plug the other end of the wire in some USB port on your computer.

3 Double-click the ZiPhone icon that is you saved to the desktop to launch the application. The application will automatically note the iPhone connected to the computer.

4 Click the "Unlock this iPhone" key in the main application window; then click "Ok."


ZiPhone: Download ZiPhone: Jailbreak Blog

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