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A practiced hand can paint children with play; an ambitious painter may prefer to work away from a image.

Painting children presents special challenges to the portrait artist, even for artists who are familiar with other subjects. A child's proportions are diverse from those of an adult, so an artist must acquire care that is his sketches reflect the correct ratios. Children are often unable to sit still, then a painter can supplement existence painting by means of reference stills and imagination. Children's portraits produce charming gifts or keepsakes. With any little exercise an artist can profit away from portrait commissions.

Trouble: Moderately Challenging

1 Attract studies of the subject. These quick sketches on damage paper will propose you the chance to secure the proportions right also exercise any tricky parts. Add color to your sketches using paint or colored pencils.

2 Photograph the baby for reference. If you are working away from life, these pictures will capture details you may need later. Even if you are working exclusively out of images, take several various shots so you can seize the best pose plus lighting.

3 Outline the image on the canvas. Instead about focusing on details, get the rough shapes proper. A child's heads remains large in comparison to his body. A adolescent child is around four heads tall.

4 Fill in large areas of flat color with a huge brush, including the significant shapes of the subject plus the background.

5 Paint areas of gentle and shadow to outline the 3-dimensional shapes. Be aware about your medium. Oil and acrylic paints allow you to paint above the same location many times, whilst watercolors are difficult to lighten.

6 Paint the details of the face and body together with any little clean. Use photographs as a reference with positioning and shape about the features.

7 Rework any detail that looks out of proportion after allowing the painting to dry with a few hours. When you occur back to your work, you may notice mistakes that you had overlooked.

8 Spray the painting along with a fixative or varnish to protect it away from damage or fading.

Suggestions & Cautions


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