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One about the biggest downsides to all of the hours you may spend swimming this summer yous the horrible feeling of having half of the pools water lodged in your ears. This quick home remedy consisting of equal parts of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol may fix that is foggy experience quick and have you back to you in no time. The alcohol will dry up any remaining moisture and the vinegar will kill infection causing bacteria while reducing pulsing...

Difficulty: Easy

Instructions. Quick Quid.

Medicine dropper Rubbing alcohol White vinegar

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1 Start by mixing jointly equal parts about numerous white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

2 Subsequently, using a medication dropper (if you get one handy) dribble some couple about drops in your ear.

3 Eventually, relaxation for about thirty seconds, leaving the mixture to do its work, and then turn your mind within order to allow the fluids to drain out.

4 If needed, repeat steps a via three on the contrary ear to grab them both cleared out.

5 Try mixing this home cure up before you consider off for the day, also you may store it from your bag or first aid kit to handy employ whenever you need it. An outdated, sterilized, medicine bottle with a dropper works great for this.

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