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Texas detention officers provide an important service to the public plus to the inmates, juvenile or adult, they supervise. Being such, they should go through a firm certification procedure to meet the legal qualifications set out with the Texas legislature.

Pre-Work Qualifications

Although a detention official does never need to be licensed prior to hiring, he must receive certification within six months of hiring. He must furthermore satisfy additional strict requirements including passing a criminal background verify and obtaining present CPR, first aid and actual restraint certification training.

The detention official candidate must complete 40 hours of approved instruction within the first 180 days of employment. The Texas Minor Probation Commission determines which classes are acceptable and meet instruction requirements.


Finally, the candidate should maintain certification while employed seeing that a detention officer and complete the recertification procedure every other year. This contains completion regarding 80 hours of instruction and keeping CPR, first aid and actual restraint authentications updated.

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