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  1. And if that was MY pontoon boat he was riding on Sure 38
  2. And nell bitches DONT MATTERRRRRRRR cash 58
  3. And on that note re queues pacman music 95
  4. Angry Birds Rio 4 bölümde kaldım kafayı yiciiim 2
  5. Angry Birds online 54
  6. Angry birds edisi imleknya sudah keluar 16
  7. Anybody want company Lol 2
  8. Anyone know any reliable company that offers domain name appraisals 68
  9. Applying for loans is so damn annoying 96
  10. Are all telecoms companies a pile of festering wank shizzle 61
  11. Are authentic GL rings being sold yet if yes where 40
  12. Are we going to pack the house for the Cowboy games Just saying 12
  13. Are you holding a DIRK HOFMAN MOTORHOMES sign 35
  14. Are you sipping on coffee or tea 25
  15. As long as paydayloans doesn t unfollow 49
  16. As long seeing that I have I could care less if solar passes 82
  17. As the sun goes behind the houses time to gentle the fire pit almost 40
  18. At least you have insurance that s more than I can say 94
  19. At the auto shop getting my alternator fixed Finallyyy 22
  20. At times people just instantly annoy me 37
  21. Attraction marketing yous about leading first with value 72
  22. Austin Brooks im sure is thrilled that he s trending 79
  23. Automobile Insurance 93104
  24. Aw cheap c 55
  25. Awesome 4 days off including payday WHOO HOO 89
  26. Awesome site very funny 19
  27. AyotteWaterman108
  28. BB of Iphone RT als je voor de Iphone gaat 9
  29. B liad sungmin jd seo in young di sj idol world cantik bgt XD 49
  30. Back That is Thing Up Cash Money 50
  31. Back to video games and studying everyone 54
  32. Backup Wordpress
  33. Bank Transactions Phone Bills Payment Breakfast Lunch waaaaaa 16
  34. Bank account not lookin so hot Still four days away from payday 8
  35. Banned Driver Car Insurance Quotes 92
  36. Basket smua kan D hehehe 43
  37. Bbebita necesito q me mandes el link de pagina de la uni porfa 48
  38. Be sneaky and take a pic regarding her So at lease we know who we jokin 87
  39. Beating the Blues and Red Lights with an Arizona Drug DUI Barrister 1
  40. Beating the Blues and Red Lights with any Arizona Drug DUI Lawyer 39
  41. Beauty isnt only in the face But its also a mild comes from heart 72
  42. BeeGiglio140
  43. Been fuckin bitches when yu was worried about the b2k cd an shit 91
  44. Being a beggar What are quick simple legal ways to make some cash 94
  45. Best Places To Buy Cheap Phentermine From Article DirectoryRFHSm 96
  46. Best feeling ever lol MANNN The moment the Flexeril kicks in 64
  47. Best thing i never had beyonce 16
  48. Bet you stayed off school to play fm 65
  49. Better Not See Ya ll Naked On Payday lol 51
  50. Better change that egg real quick homez 80
  51. Bhses22
  52. Big Payday for WWE 34
  53. Big fish Little fish cardboard box 78
  54. Big ppl should get Big cars 50
  55. Birds will never tweet again D 41
  56. Bitches out here built like the CNN building 50
  57. Blog Network
  58. Blog has very important component for the online business interactions 33
  59. Bought my plane ticket today Even bought insurance Go me 28
  60. BoyesClaypool647
  61. Brah she dedicated to calling me it s a booty call 3
  62. Breezy Living Garage Screens Affordable Create Home Gym 4
  63. Bron Gerucht BMW koopt ING Car Lease 43
  64. Bruh you require to learn how to quote people s tweets lol 9
  65. Build a Blog Network
  66. Build a Private Blog Network
  67. Build a Private Network
  68. Building counters and walls 44
  69. Buy-Viagra-Graettinger-Buy-Viagra-Lucama-Buy-Viagra-Ashwaubenon-village
  70. Buy Viagra De Pue village-Buy Viagra Ware CDP-Buy Viagra Seabrook
  71. Buy Viagra McKinleyville CDP-Buy Viagra Cuyuna-Buy Viagra Jefferson Hills borough
  72. By T 200 16 gb white iPhone 4 for sale used but good 99
  73. Bít làm seo fighting 18
  74. CCS PCM Output 001 - Global variable assignments
  75. CCS PCM Output 002 - Call to sin()
  76. CCS PCM Output 003 - Multiply by a power of 2
  77. CCS PCM Output 004 - Multiply two UInt8
  78. CIL Instructions
  79. CMDVD 63
  80. CNU Facts but not great at ball games 56
  81. COINS 82
  82. Cairns sis is lookin nice with her red sannys 91
  83. Call 404 741 1079 VOTE champion Want DIS Cash By Today At 6 25 44
  84. Campanhas SEO é com a 59
  85. Can a Payday Loan Online Support With Car Repairs 35
  86. Can any one recommend a good business for SEO services 72
  87. Can only monitor remotely 29
  88. Can you amuse just keep a small small promise 97
  89. Can you tweet me just testing my phone thingy 36
  90. Canadian Loan Web Payday Fulfill your emergency needs 47
  91. Cannot delay until payday so I can fry for hours on the sunbed 89
  92. Cant find any links to watch misaki no 1 some ideas 27
  93. Car getting fix Nxt wk 69
  94. Car insurance decreased by 100 How 20
  95. Car insurance is the plauge F ck car insurance Biggest scam ever 17
  96. Car insurance went lower even more loving life 17
  97. Car wash jalan2 time cari baju raya lets go 11
  98. Caramba a internet ta muito lenta 77
  99. Caravan Insurance A Buyer s Guide 29419
  100. Careful Crime rates are on the rise 13
  101. Cars C 62
  102. Cars can be replaced I hope your mom recovers quickly hug 99
  103. Cash Back Payday Loans No Hassle for a Short Term Credit 83
  104. Cash till payday loans industry MISSING ARG URI 34
  105. Casino This movie is Crazy 12
  106. Cause they secretly love u Lol they herbs 37
  107. Causes Affecting Seniors Online auto insurance Quotes Carly 37
  108. Cd replication firms in chicago get at me 96
  109. Cereal is THEE best dinner 82
  110. Certainly with you on the diet pepsi and jelly babies Keep those 76
  111. Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes And The Ground Reality That You 32
  112. Cheap and nasty 35
  113. Cheap discount phentermine 27
  114. Cheap seo services 66
  115. Cheguei do shopp agora fui fazer a unha 35
  116. Chillin at my friends house due to all the roadblocks Oh wellsss 75
  117. Chinese new year cash flow 9
  118. Chuyên đi hnay seo chuy qua 38
  119. Cigarette after a meal is then to Borest RiARIIriariirRI 24
  120. Cigarette nation Cursed of the downtown dogz 11
  121. Ciounter
  122. Clients can easily depart your ecommerce even though the pick of delivery or payments process
  123. Cod and grizz before practice Obvi doin work 49
  124. Coding Guidelines
  125. Cokies and creams Hershey s 56
  126. Come to Denver big pappi You Elvis miller champ Dawkins Sick 19
  127. Como eu amo esses quotes da mosa 3 40
  128. Comparison is the thief of joy Theodore Roosevelt 30
  129. Complimentary Link Building Service With Seo Practices 78
  130. Connected an external wireless keyboard to my laptop B 58
  131. Considering they own their own NBC affiliate 57
  132. CosmeSorensen149
  133. Cost effective SEO Service in Toronto 49
  134. Could Mean The Difference Between A PayDay Or The Rest Of Your Life 19
  135. Count these hours ring that bell man its games time 26
  136. Cowboys put high hopes on new hires 10
  137. CrankDressler429
  138. Create a Blog Network
  139. Credit Card 35
  140. Credit by M Mai Nutchanate 2
  141. Credit cards are I need to stay away 48
  142. Crickets Would you keep her company fellas I m lonely 28
  143. Cuidado al cambiar a CSS3 Tiene algún problema con el SEO 72
  144. Currently being blessed by the herbs essence 40
  145. Currently listening to That s Life by Frank Sinatra 82
  146. Custom Link Building
  147. Custom monogrammed louis steal my heart 55
  149. DID YALL SHOOT That E 40 With THE AG AF100 88
  150. Daaaaamn what kinda cigarette are you smoking Lmao 66
  151. Daddy damn assured go point the telephone at the tv 90
  152. Dam ni99a already teaching Julian how to play video games Lol 57
  153. Damn These Student Loans 68
  154. Damn my are slippin Thank god for this game tho 56
  155. Dan yg lain2 semangat super power kita pasti bisa w 1
  156. Dang it my phone going dead plus junk 4
  157. Dank je Ik twitter zo links en rechts wel een keer een fotooke 36
  158. Dat komt door met ze verslaafing aaan auto rijde whahaha 23
  159. Day 2 of HCG diet 30
  160. Deadly at puttin sim cards in 99
  161. Deal masalah ditutup kabur 41
  162. Dear Monday Sincerely the world s entire population 89
  163. Dear NOBODY is jealous of a 300 device that doesn t come with insurance 36113
  164. Debt Settlement Services 83
  165. Det är väl naturligt Det är ju affärer och inte utbildning 52
  166. Deve ser muito fodinha kkk se puder me manda o link 51
  167. Did my version of super market sweep in iceland Took me 3 minutes 36
  168. Did some scaffolding today and it was fucking shit 12
  169. Did you ever unlock your iPhone 40
  170. Did you get that low at the A building 51
  171. Did you ring the bloke I gave you number of 91
  172. Didn t Comic Relief used to be funny 39
  173. Didnt have my phone alll dayyyy left it in da vehicle 80
  174. Dis dude Mitch Daniels got a defaced American flag lapel pin 24
  175. Dis insecticide can kill a horse 3
  176. Disability insurance remains a short term income replacement policy 89
  177. Disregard females acquire currency 16
  178. Dnt let ur EGO write a check dat ur character can t cash 28
  179. Do not know Great Search engine marketing Service Provider
  180. Do the judges come up in what s going into baskets or producers 80
  181. Do they do short term loans in no collateral 41
  182. Do you have 2 San Jose 7 2 tix for sale yet 57
  183. Do you think has health insurance hummm 34061
  184. Doctors are gay 88
  185. Doctors situation for my knee next Tuesday can t wait 84
  186. Does anyone have every free samples of sunscreen 89
  187. Does anyone still use instant messaging services 59
  188. Doing insurance quotes for auto 200 quid off renewal quote so far 54
  189. Don t assume all companies provide dental insurance plans 8949
  190. Don t wait Grab A Totally Free of charge apple gift Right now 57
  191. Don t waste any beautiful Saturday Have a great one 66
  192. Door unlock 50
  193. Dr drew oops you and get a real job what do you create give them suboxone 28
  194. Drawing angry birds on a folder hehe 3 13
  195. Dreams money can buy 82
  196. Drmh ak eh ak bun kam dimana ACC kah titip voucher gemscool na 11
  197. Dropping Shawn off 2 skool then headed 2 get me n sum breakfast 53
  198. Ds song is just too funny 60
  199. Dumbass i m never gonna do the cinnamon challenge ever again lol fml 68
  200. Dvd Di Otm never say never xD 34
  201. Dyones tryna play games This ain t a gaaaammmee LOOOOOL 11
  202. Dyones tryna play games This ain t a gaaaammmee LOOOOOL 93
  203. EA SHARK 5 0 Ultimate Automatic Forex Trading System for MetaTrader 4 56
  204. ECMA-335
  205. ECig You Like How Portable It Truly Is
  206. EWW Haha i drink milk all the time Im wont be anymore 70
  207. Eating chicken rings from White Castle 39
  208. Effective hard drive restoration software, while all restoration ammenities fail to retrieve info
  209. Electronic Arts Where games go to DIE 3
  210. EllenderPinkard186
  211. Elliptical Trainer Jan 27 30 minutes 1229 RPM s 505 calories 73
  212. Emergency Payday Cash Loans With Few Hours You Can Get Cash 51
  213. En mi home tas invitada btw linda foto 3 57
  214. En over naar Dog Whisperer Geo 72
  215. Eoo amoooo seo sorriso 58
  216. Eric dropping poa O 67
  217. Erm well I can make unique out of card board D 84
  218. Esp since I know what the shipping rates actually are Sigh 40
  219. Etc means too much i want to write but the room is too short 57
  220. Eu queria ter essa auto confiança que todo mundo acha que eu tenho 72
  221. Even the away games 45
  222. Even the away games 53
  223. EverSmoke Smokeless Cig
  224. Every agency has to have - know about website creation products and services 90
  225. Everybody online these days Nigga need money 24
  226. Everytime I spend money I make double can t beat that 54
  227. Exactly what Details Need to the Real wood Floorboards Sanding Business Supply
  228. Exacto mma meza te quiero 69
  229. Eye Magic Enable Your real age Perform Evaporating Work
  230. Eys floatin so if any little anipal wants a bushy pontoon 16
  232. FX SEO 29
  233. F SEO 89
  234. Factors behind purchasing craving
  235. Fag s staring at me but i aint gon touch them 10
  236. Falling asleep with damp hair is the best 73
  237. Family Guy always sets the mood 76
  238. FarraOsburn934
  239. Fastest Online Payday Loan Get Fast Money Online 75
  240. Fat Reduction Reverse Your own Recollections
  241. Fat joe was on some freak junk in this song 67
  242. Faxless Payday Loans Instant Option regarding Availing Funds 35
  243. Feliz cumpleaños CLUB ATLETICO COLON 47
  244. Ffs u would need an industrial vaccum to hoover those flakes up 2
  245. Ficaria tri feliz se meu iPhone atualizasse minha bio 77
  246. FieldReference
  247. Finally got home long daytime gym and swimming Body is f cking killing 32
  248. Find Insurance Now and purchase your next scheme online within minutes 97
  249. Finnaly kim seo byuk kang hoo see nikah 6
  250. Fire up the pits I ll just have some potato salad 93
  251. First paycheck tomorrow Ahhh D 63
  252. Fixing the server folks Patience 45
  253. Flexeril Mustn t forget the flexeril 51
  254. Follow for some great SEO tips 86
  255. Follow my new account and Pleaseee give shoutouts pleasee 46
  256. For insurance fire purposes I m sure 1491
  257. For once in my life 20
  258. For the road to riches and diamond rings 36
  259. For the road to riches and diamond rings 96
  260. Forget america for shopping i wanna go china 95
  261. Fossil Fuel ice cream 81
  262. Found it That was easy 59
  263. Freak accident 27
  264. FresnoPersonalInjuryAttorney
  265. FresnoTaxAttorney
  266. Fresno Law Firm
  267. Fresno Personal Injury Attorney
  268. Fucked up in college i gotta get this money 4
  269. Funding a New Business Asset Based Loans With Business 16
  270. Funding a New Business Asset Based Loans With Business 30
  271. Funny people kijken die is wel leuk D 27
  272. Fuu assistTOPSEO 46
  273. GBP JPY133PPI 55
  274. Games on our Tvs NFL OAK Sea 10 30p 99
  275. Gay ass grown men dressed up in powdered wigs 65
  276. Get No Hassle Protect With Term Existence Insurance Without A Medical Exam 84
  277. Get Out of Debt Answers That Will Work For You 83
  278. Get Professinal SEO Services Best Price 99
  279. Get effective and affordable SEO services 84
  280. Get effective and affordable SEO services 91
  281. Get it online phentermine 80
  282. Get me some Welp since im late ima go buy some O J and donuts 22
  283. Get the magic readers we could exchange shades on A days 32
  284. Gettin student loans b a bitch 24
  285. Getting my first ever car in my name today 37
  286. Getting sick of wearing these lanyards for school 84
  287. Girls because seeing a girl performing video games is hot 49
  288. Go on mr cash 87
  289. God damn fucking auto correct ahhh 31
  290. Going to my first auction tomorrow Let s acquire some cars lmfaoooo 20
  291. Going to services for Norbert 82
  292. Going to the Ruins of Historic Egypt
  293. GoldsteinMolloy437
  294. Gonna get 2 new hats my next paycheck D 50
  295. Gonna killlll him and Nijay in cod 92
  296. Good morning everyone Today is gonna be a beneficial day for me payday 15
  297. Got zips of the shit Whitney Houston was smokin 27
  298. Gotta go to the doctors tumarow 40
  299. Gotta love a link to links 52
  300. Government cuts 85
  301. Great Question Is Social and Mobile Media killing SEO 17
  302. Great day yesterday 3 correct chooses Yield above 8 now 57
  303. Great music you have been louded 83
  304. Great parenting skillz mom 82
  305. Great tips about SEO I learn something new every day 79
  306. Grilão seo lindo Tudo bem Sôdades Bjoooo 77
  307. Gue apus games dancing fobulous nya HHH D 57
  308. Guest Post Service
  309. Güeeeyy tranquila Jajaja no se mandan mis pins 35
  311. HCG SIEMPRE 34
  312. Ha ha RT oh my marakka mudiyuma Abi our SEO dictionary D 77
  313. Ha kedado eso claro Green Day 65
  314. Haanim that s soooo rude He is not funny 55
  315. Had lost my phone smh and didn t renew the monthly insurance 60
  316. Haha Junk food is the bomb 44
  317. Haha advance cgt kowt haha ang stdy mne 3
  318. Haha depends on if NIKI gone pick me up 33
  319. Haha kena la sign kontrak dlu bro mane bleh tibe2 bonus hehehe 18
  320. Haha no It was funny xP 93
  321. Haha payday makes it all worth it in the end right xD 53
  322. Haha thxs and i love sharing quotes to everyone 90
  323. Haha tryna make a dolla outta 15 cent a dime any nickel 76
  324. Hahaha nobody missing u please your eyelash damn long sia 78
  325. Hahaha sbe ko seo 31
  326. Hahahahaha yo lo e visto its funny 83
  327. Hans nya utbildning har dåligt inflytande på honom inte jag 7
  328. Happy Birthday 3 Include a good one Party Hard up there pet x 13
  329. Happy Birthday man best wishes Preserve making those baskets 2
  330. Has a hairyy cat 35
  331. Has got me excited about cards 36
  332. Hast du kein iphone hast du auch kein 80
  333. Hate when I think dreams are real life 90
  334. Have anyone ever did those paid student surveys 93
  335. Have fun 33
  336. Have fun bro School start on Monday lmao 85
  337. Have you ever dropped a computer on your nose Well it s not fun 79
  338. Have you ever taken out a payday loan 77
  339. Have your credit tho pfff 37
  340. Have your heard something about seo help 14
  341. Hawu ebile Sibongile works for the housing department Moeskont 61
  342. He COULD never ride in My car 62
  343. He even stated in this is weird hahaha Certain funny junk 26
  344. He sold insurance to Whoopi Goldberg s dad he said lol 34
  345. Health insurance makes me want to lose my mind 33
  346. Heart is not a Toy Adore is not a Game Never play together with them 43
  347. Hello New York City Its been a while 31
  348. Hence ur in an actual relationship or wat do u call it lol 96
  349. Here s a look at how some firms handled the heat 60
  350. Hey wanneer cash wordt geincasseerd ping me jep ping mij ook 58
  351. Hey you gonna be on cash cab anytime soon 24
  352. Hi I m new A may u promo me Thank after 85
  353. Hindi nasa go see ako ngayon abs ikaw san ka D 60
  354. Hmm i may actually get it tomorrow i forgot it s payday 70
  355. Home Equity Loans What Each Homeowner Should Know 50
  356. Home Pickup Drop Safe Affordable 24x7 Service Call 17
  357. Home time its all good 14
  358. Homepage Blog Network
  359. Hopefully you manage to collect your savings soon goodluck 23
  360. Hot N Cold More Strength Smart 15
  361. House loan Loans The suitable way to Get The most beneficial Deal 84
  362. Houston Texas b Auto Insurance b What You Need To Know REPORTS b NEWS b 95273
  363. Houston t minus 1 week and counting 94
  364. How Pigmeo works
  365. How To Close Loans On Investment Properties Not Seasoned 58
  366. How can you live in Mystic Falls and not have health insurance 87
  367. How do I become the cat bruhs 51
  368. How do I get on your picks distro thanks Tony 3
  369. How do u search for people so moving to throw my phonexx 50
  370. How do you make minecraft servers 79
  371. How engaging the content is on your page affects SEO 45
  372. How good is sky sports news on 8hrs 54 mins to go 51
  373. How long do they usually keep u cause we on da back now im ready to go 63
  374. How may I lose when I m in the best team Cc 6
  375. How sad walked previous Angus Robertson and it s for lease 99
  376. How to Get a Free Car Insurance Quote That is Cheap 445
  377. How to Stop a Break Up also Get Your Ex Back The way Can I Get My Ex Back 63
  378. How to pick Hotels in the Netherlands
  379. How to support new hardware architectures
  380. How you can Manage the Linksys Switch
  381. Hoy Adik Tetris tayo 99
  382. Hurryn home Crazy TN weather 84
  383. IF YOU EVER WANNA Learn How TO Make ME Just Let ME Do YOU 56
  384. IPhone3GS 4 0 1iTunes 10 2 1 42
  385. IPhoneSMS 7
  386. I Have An Annuity But I Require Cash Now 7
  387. I Just UNLOCK FOURSQUARE Day BADGE thanks god 94
  388. I Know They have been dating for awhile now 24
  389. I Miss PAYDAY shrugs Anyway 29
  390. I Needa Boyfriend ASAP 51
  391. I R T about 5 of yur quotes hahaha yur twitter pg hilarious 18
  392. I Sarah Some from in South Australia wish I could meet when he gets here 82
  393. I ain t never had to have a bf ma money excites me 82
  394. I am on the 3rd floor in the management common room 71
  395. I am thinking about getting a Ford Concentrate 2 0 Auto Si for a new car 46
  396. I call dibs on the 1600 card 77
  397. I can t give you attention I aint your babysitter 7
  398. I can t trust any links my friends give me anymore 2
  399. I cant wait for payday no not the candy bar 6
  400. I cant wait to go get my new dvd player hopefully any new dvd or two 86
  401. I d like to say dedicated though honestly likely OCD 41
  402. I dislike genetic subaceous adrenal acne gland breakouts A Lot 46
  403. I don t drink coffee though I enjoy going for a coffee 13
  404. I don t get how to use this 92
  405. I don t have some cats I might have to go buy one D 78
  406. I don t know how I m going to be able to wake up tomorrow 15
  407. I don t know who has the prettiest hair Beth or Dog 27
  408. I don t like for nobody to buy me shoes or clothes 29
  409. I don t need more power i just require a lighter car hahahahaha 47
  410. I don t wanna abuse my blessing 93
  411. I dont come wit excuses I come wit the heater PLK 26
  412. I dont know how to explain how i feel right presently 26
  413. I dont want my wife having bad credit too lmao 85
  414. I enjoy meeting new people 53
  415. I enjoy the company of ducklings 31
  416. I experience zero cash on me chels ask jaz b4 she go out 24
  417. I feel dedicated 7
  418. I finally caved and turned the aircon in the car 11
  419. I finished my logo arts thingy Yeay 92
  420. I found an iPhone who can unlock this bitch 98
  421. I fucks wit Space Shipping You should 2 28
  422. I give credit when credit is due 14
  423. I got a penny for your mind if you know what I meaaaaan 64
  424. I got another pet today 2
  425. I got any 5 million dollar life insurance policy on u w o u knowing 79
  426. I got the key to your heart like a locksmith 86
  427. I got three grants this year and had to take out loans Great 74
  428. I got two aiden cards and an aiden signed frame thing from WOO 26
  429. I gotta choppa in the car uhhh uhh D 38
  430. I gotta see my boo I miss her life I m home 13
  431. I gtta credit union n charter one u gud 18
  432. I handle my business so I believe I deserve to get throwed 93
  433. I hate female that speak cash shit n can t fight Lmao 16
  434. I hate this purple car rings my ears 68
  435. I have an Uncle Arthur 31
  436. I have something called automobile narcolepsy 9
  437. I have to go to one about your guys games Before they re over 95
  438. I have to wait until payday xoxo 24
  439. I hope I dnt get back to college tell 2nd block 62
  440. I hope I dnt get back to school tell 2nd block 38
  441. I hope I don t fall asleep in my car 50
  442. I just fell off Lamonique s car 42
  443. I just found free of charge PDF versions of The Hunger Games series online 76
  444. I just saved 15 on my car insurance by switching to Geico 37
  445. I know I m working on my MAAH comparison for you and 13
  446. I know a web designer me Can I help 98
  447. I let him pull my hair when he hit it from the back 0
  448. I like it when people post their tumblr links on twitter 86
  449. I like the new guy tho other dude is playin too many games 29
  450. I ll give him my gnc Hgh supplements if it helps 59
  451. I ll show you all the places Im dreaming of 98
  452. I lose hair elastics like it s my job 71
  453. I love my boyfriend D HLR KMD 32
  454. I love my new iPhone 49
  455. I love payday 31
  456. I love rocking chairs 1
  457. I love this sundrop commercial too funny 42
  458. I m addicted to the game angry birds 34
  459. I m finding s hair all over my room She sheds 40
  460. I m going on a DIET 37
  461. I m in love witchu cause u make me come quick 6
  462. I m jealous I want snow in Liverpool x 26
  463. I m just kidding I have insurance 25324
  464. I m no psychic is I ever disappointed U point it out so I d fix it 81
  465. I m not clicking that link 80
  466. I m not even gonna be in the same building as any of beat that C 34
  467. I m on Reggie diet 88
  468. I m on there and sittercity 0
  469. I m oops n angry now I wanna kill Barca 72
  470. I m scared of birds but I want this bird tattoo lol 73
  471. I m still searching for my guider 96
  472. I m sure he s credit has finished 55
  473. I m with such a loving mood lol love my family and friends 17
  474. I m your pacman Eat you off tops Mr Game finnatic I got this on lock 43
  475. I may t find it can you please give a link i m not from USA 14
  476. I mean a weird video and i want some cigarette 26
  477. I miss vinetari he won us all the superbowl games 88
  478. I need a finance position help 2
  479. I need cash 62
  480. I need more information about christian seo services 64
  481. I need new things and new people in my life Time for a change 76
  482. I need to grab my car when keyon get home from work 52
  483. I play all the bakery and restaurant games 47
  484. I really can relate 2 ur life issues luv ya display 79
  485. I saved alot of money on my car Insurance by switchin to GEICO 189
  486. I see they put the names up on the buildings Pinchback6y41U 12
  487. I still say they are gonna have to trade him 34
  488. I swear NY dealers dont use scales hookin homies up on bomb bags 73
  489. I swear is funny as hell 61
  490. I swear they sell them thongs in ann summers Ha 91
  491. I swear washing my footing the company bathroom lol o O 93
  492. I think i can cash this check let go see 33
  493. I think we just got confirmation regarding a jobless recovery 66
  494. I thnk I play video game too damn much o O 8
  495. I thnk I play video games too damn much o O 87
  496. I try to eat pussy once a day it s portion of my healthy diet plan LMFAO 67
  497. I ve Never played angry birds random 23
  498. I ve been getting bitched alot lately smh side eyes 82
  499. I ve been giving myself shock treatments 60
  500. I wanna get on the twitter website not the app 69

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