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Pigmeo is a free software project, so it is developed by a community of volunteers.

Not everything is writing code. You can contribute to this project in the following ways:


Writing code examples

You can write applications for microcontrollers in any .NET language and publish them here.

Those examples must be properly written, you need to document/comment difficult to understand parts (but avoid filling the code with comments).

If you are not sure about publishing your code here, you can publish it on the forums and let another person check your code and publish it.

Writing documentation

If you have enough experience developing applications using Pigmeo Framework you can write tutorials.


If your mother's tongue (your natural language) is other than english, you would be very helpful translating source code or translating this website.

Each language has its own subdomain. If there is no subdomain for your language ask the administrator to setup a new one.

Designing Artwork

We need a logo for the project. The current logo is a provisional one.

Some more images for replacing the ones being used by Pigmeo Compiler GUIs would be nice.


Building packages for your distribution, such as rpm, deb, ebuilds... and creating Windows Installers.

Writing classes for Pigmeo Framework

If you are a good C# developer and you think you can write a useful class for microcontrollers, talk about it on the development mailing list and see if the rest of developers agree about implementing that new class, then write it and send the code (written in C#) to the list.

You can, however, publish in the forums whatever you've already written, so anyone can use your class/struct/feature. If your class is good enough it will be added to Pigmeo Framework soon.

Note that only source code that follows the development guidelines will be added to Pigmeo Framework. Try to follow them, or another person will need to do that.

Reporting bugs

Test Pigmeo applications and libraries and report bugs about them.

Supporting new devices

If there are microcontrollers not supported yet, but their architecture is already supported, almost all the work is already done. See how to support new devices.

Working on Pigmeo Compiler

Join the development mailing list and read Getting started.

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