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Food tastes much better following a day of tromping around in the open air, whether it be in the woods, along a stream or on the prairie, and you have got any hankering for baked potatoes. With some little ingenuity, almost anything can be cooked over a campfire, including potatoes. Here yous some fantastic way to produce a baked potato over a campfire.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


things you'll need:

1 Ensure campfires are legal from the location you are within, and begin by way of producing a fire ring.

2 Dig a little indent in a shovel, or uncover a normal a and encircle it with stones if you can find some. Numerous public campgrounds get fire pits already within place, so use those if they are accessible.

3 Separated tiny pieces of wood to in good shape within the fire ring and lay it with a crisscross style over the pit. Sprinkle some bark or additional scaled-down pieces of wood close to the central regarding the wood, as fire starter. Or employ charcoal briquettes if you get some, or any camp stove along with a fuel container.

4 Begin the fire also allow it burn down to very hot coals.

5 Slather the potatoes with shortening or butter--splatter by means of seasonings if desired--and wrap individually in aluminum foil while the fire is heating.

6 Place potatoes in a Dutch oven if you have one, or simply place foil-wrapped potatoes from the campfire. It helps to have a rack or grate throughout an open fire for this action, nonetheless some Dutch oven can be placed right in the hot embers about a campfire.

7 Check potatoes periodically by piercing with any fork to check to see if they are done. Potatoes will bake in 45 to 60 mins throughout a hot campfire.

8 Add wood or charcoal periodically, to maintain the fire growing.

Add raw onion, mushrooms, peppers or any additional vegetables you like on your potato inside a foil packet. Place the pouch on the fire along with your potatoes also create a plant medley. Know your area's outdoor burning regulations and never burn in an unlawful manner. Inspect your campsite when you leave to ensure your camp fire yous away. Never take burning sticks out of a fire. Hold stoves and available campfires apart from things that is can catch on fire also don't use stoves inside a tent. Ensure you use one stove mitt or other hand protection and tongs whilst reaching near to the fire to place food or check to doneness.


Campfire Recipes and Cooking Tips on Freedom Campfire Recipes and Security Suggestions for Campfire Cooking on the KOA Website

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