Pigmeo.Compiler Namespace


To be added.

Type Description
Assembler To be added.
Backend Everything needed to parse a bundled assembly and compile it to assembly language
CilFrontend Everything related to the CIL Frontend, which parses the CIL, creates the required packages and optimizes it for all the architectures
CmdLine Parses the parameters sent through the command line
config Contains all the configuration variables
config.Compilation Compilation settings (target MCU, optimizations...)
config.Internal Configuration of the compiler itself
ErrorsAndWarnings Stuff about errors and warnings that can be thrown when running pigmeo-compiler
ErrorsAndWarnings.errType Available types of thrown errors
GlobalShares Miscellaneous variables and objects available for the entire application
ImplExceptions How exceptions will be implemented
ImplLocalVar How local variables must be implemented
main To be added.
NumeralSystems Available numeral systems
uint8Extensions Extensions to uint8 only available to the compiler
UserInterface Available user interfaces
VerbosityLevel Available verbosity levels (the amount of messages printed to the user)